Sustain Covina’s Quality Programs & Services - Vote Yes On Measure CC

In November of this year, Covina voters will have an opportunity to cast their votes on Measure CC. A “yes” vote will increase the sales tax rate in Covina by 0.75%. 100% of the revenue generated by this measure will go into the Covina General Fund to help keep our budget balanced, and to help maintain the level of services that Covina residents and businesses have said are important.


We are asking you to support this measure by making a cash or in-kind donation, by offering to add your endorsement to our mailers, by volunteering to help us reach Covina voters with our message, and by asking Covina voters in your sphere of influence to do the same.


The (committee) is supporting Measure CC for these reasons:

  • Other taxing entities have already been discussing doing what we are proposing to do. This 0.75% increase in sales tax is coming to Covina whether Covina voters say “yes” or “no” to November’s Measure CC.
  • Covina is being challenged to a game of Capture the Flag, and the flag is the remaining 0.75% sales tax margin. This is an opportunity to capture 100% of this small percentage of overall sales tax for Covina.
  • An additional 0.75% of sales tax means that Covina shoppers, including shoppers from other cities and counties who shop in Covina, will pay an additional fifteen cents for every twenty dollar purchase.
  • All of the revenue collected from this measure will go directly to the Covina General Fund to maintain the services Covinans have said are priorities. None of this revenue is filtered through state or county fingers.
  • Research shows sales tax does not drive the loss of retail businesses. It is the loss of brick and mortar stores that drives the reduction in sales tax revenue.
  • City council and staff have used a variety of channels to publicize information on this sales tax measure and its impact on the quality of life in Covina. The city has held budget workshops. City council has discussed this in open sessions. The Finance committee has received staff presentations and reports and has received public input. The city manager included information about the measure in the Fall 2018 Issue of Covina Today which is mailed and otherwise distributed city wide, and which appears on the city web page.
  • In that Covina Today report, we were cautioned that we will not have enough reserves, one-time funding mechanisms, or salary savings to balance next year’s budget even at this year’s service levels.
  • But city service levels continue to increase as needs increase. Consider the estimated $1.2M per year in, unbudgeted resources that are expended in dealing with the exponential growth of Covina’s homeless population. And that’s just one example.

Don't forget to VOTE

November 6th.

YES on Measure CC - Keep it in Covina