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Dear Residents,


The City of Covina has worked hard to be fiscally responsible while living with an ongoing structural deficit created by the Great Recession and compounded by the loss of millions of dollars with the dissolution of Redevelopment starting in 2011. Despite implementing layoffs and cost reductions across all departments, without new revenue Covina's ongoing deficit is expected to exhaust City General Fund reserves.

City of Covina staff have been exploring potential solutions to this problem and on July 17, 2018 the City Council voted unanimously to place


Measure CC on the November 2018 ballot.

Election Day: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Absentee Ballots Arrive: Week of October 8, 2018

Last Day to Register to Vote: October 22, 2018


Measure CC Ballot Question:

Covina Neighborhood Safety and Essential Services Protection "To maintain current service levels including 911 emergency response, public safety, fire protection, paramedics, community policing, school safety officers, fix potholes/streets, community after school/senior/recreation programs, library services, homeless and other general City services, shall an ordinance be adopted increasing Covina's sales tax by three-quarters of a percent generating approximately $5,100,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring audits, public disclosure, funds used only in Covina?"


Questions & Answers About Measure CC


Measure CC - Defined:

Measure CC is a ballot measure on the November 6th General Election ballot for City of Covina voters ONLY. Measure CC seeks voter approval to authorize a three-quarter cent sales tax to maintain vital city services. A "YES vote" approves the City's proposal; a "NO vote" rejects the proposal.


Why is Measure CC needed?

Measure CC is needed to allow the City of Covina to maintain current service levels including 911 emergency response, public safety, fire protection, paramedics, community policing, school safety officers, fix potholes and streets, community after school and senior/recreation programs, library services, address homeless issues and other general City services.


How do we know the City will manage funds responsibly?

Measure CC includes strict accountability provisions- including independent financial audits, regular public reporting, and an Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee.


If passed, how will the City use the revenue from Measure CC?

  • MAINTAIN rapid 911 emergency response times.
  • KEEP highly trained police officers on Covina's streets and safety officers in schools.
  • ASSURE paramedic and fire protection.
  • PROVIDE greater ability to address homeless issues.
  • UPGRADE the quality of Covina's streets, fixing potholes and sidewalks.
  • IMPROVE traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • MAINTAIN other essential general City services.

What would a sales tax apply to? What's taxed and what isn't?

A local sales tax would apply to the same goods and services and be subject to the existing State sales tax on tangible _personal property. For example: furniture, cars, giftware, toys, antiques and clothing would be subject to the tax. Items that are exempt from sales tax include sales of certain food products for human consumption (groceries), sales to the U.S. government, sales of prescription medicine and certain medical devices, and sales of items paid for with food stamps.


What if Measure CC doesn't pass?

Without Measure CC, authorizing a three-quarter cent sales tax increase to maintain vital City services and meet obligations imposed by the State, the City will have to make cuts to public safety and other essential City services, eliminate City funded special events, reduce community programing and continue to defer maintenance to streets and public facilities. Additionally, L.A. County, or another regional government agency, can ask voters to approve a 3/4 cent sales tax for county purposes only and Covina will have lost approximately $5.1 million annually.


When will we vote on Measure CC?

Measure CC is on the November 6, 2018 ballot. Absentee ballots for this election will arrive the week of October 8th. All voters living within the jurisdiction of the City of Covina who are registered by October 22nd will be eligible to vote on Measure CC.


Get more info about Measure CC:

Phone: (626) 384-5410

Email: page/measure-cc-information


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your support in continuing to make Covina incredible!

Don't forget to VOTE

November 6th.

YES on Measure CC - Keep it in Covina